An R&D program is presented for the development of advanced deep-ocean manganese nodule production technology: namely, a total integrated system (TIS). TIS development is one of the most critical elements in making the R&D program successful and planning hardware design. Inter-related component technologies will be developed within the integrated system, minimizing basic system changes which accompany the cost increase. The TIS program addresses the utilization of emerging advanced-level technologies in the related fields of the year 2010. Upon review of the technology status of the 70" s and the 80" s and with a vision of related technologies expected to be available in 2010, the present R&D program is developed. In order to early out such a complex program, efficient R&D planning for the TIS development must be followed by effective implementation methods of technology, as well as system identification and development, compatibility among subsystems, system integration, a computer control simulation model in a modular form of TIS, development of periodic evaluation and strategy of R&D projects by high international standards, and an economic model of project cost and its control. Such integrated system development requires the industry R&D leadership for the development of Korca" s own superior technologies and realistic interface with the hardware development, and national as well as international cooperation can be beneficial.


As the UN Law of the Sea Treaty took effect in November 1994, the premier investigators will take technical leadership in mining or producing manganese nodules and cobalt-rich manganese crusts from the Pacific seabed. The Korea Association for Deep Ocean Minerals Development (KADOM) was established in 1994 by its members from the industry and research organizations. Deep-ocean mining is basically different from land mining, relying almost entirely on the advanced deep-ocean technology, except for the processing part.

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