Based on the kinematic model of the deep sea tracked miner, a time-optimal control algorithm is proposed. During locomotion, the driving velocity and direction of the vehicle cannot change abruptly, or it will cause excessive slippage of the track. In other words, the vehicle must move smoothly during locomotion. This means that the dynamic constraints of the miner should be taken into account in the control strategy. An intermediate curve is proposed as a temporary tracking trajectory which satisfies the boundary conditions that at the target position the first, second, and third derivative must be zero. Therefore, a cubic spline curve is put forward which could meet the limits. After the analysis of the curve co-efficiency, a time-optimal control algorithm is presented and implemented in MATLAB, and a series of computer simulation has been done. By simulation analysis, the curve co-efficient of λ=0.66 is chosen for it has better validity and accuracy. Through comparison with PID control strategy in previous work, the superiority of this algorithm is confirmed.

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