In the period 2001–2011 the IOM carried out extensive research on the improvement and optimization of the basic technological process for polymetallic nodules (PN). The pyro-hydrometalurgical processing technology was focused on improvement and optimization of the selective recovery of metals in electro-thermal processing of PN and subsequent processing of Cu-Ni-Co complex alloy in the optimization of the hydrometallurgical technology.

The new approach of existing methods for recovery of basic metals from polymetallic nodules. (developed in CEINNIQ - CIPIMM in Moa (R.C.), involved adittional studies on the sulfuric acid pressure leaching processing tecnology using reductor agents - molasse and pyrite the recovery of metlas in proposed solution has been found In %: Ni - 94.4; Cu - 93.9; Co - 97.0; Mn - 96.6; Fe 9.8; Zn - 93.5.

The paper will present the description of the method and the obtained results of the studies: the preparation of crude pulp, acid pressure leaching of reducing the presence of molasses and pyrite by the direct extraction of metals by resin-in-pulp, metal sulfide precipitation, crystallization and precipitation of manganese, extraction and separation of base metals with an organic solvent, extracting additional useful components such as molybdenum, precious metals, Platinum group metals and rare earth elements.

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