In this paper, dynamic analysis of underwater tracked miner in working condition is done during both straight driving and steering. First, based on the relationship between maximum shear displacement and shear stress, required shear displacement during working of the tracked miner is obtained. Considering the bulldozing resistance, compaction resistance, water resistance and force from flexible hose, the dynamic and kinetic model of tracked underwater miner is established. By simulation, the shear displacement of both left and right track of the miner are obtained. By using PD control strategy, the tracked underwater miner can move along the desired path, and the shear displacement of both left and right track are successfully controlled and therefore the miner can get optimum tractive force. The work in this paper offers a theoretical base for further research.


Tracked vehicles are currently used in military, agricultural and mining applications where terrain conditions are difficult or unpredictable. They are better suited for such tasks than wheeled vehicles due to the larger contact area of tracks which provides floatation and better traction at various ground conditions. As a method for deep underwater mining, mining research using a tracked vehicle system has been conducted in many countries including Germany, U.S.A, China, and Korea. Due to complex working conditions, it is necessary to do the dynamic analysis of the tracked underwater miner. First, because the miner goes on the extremely cohesive soil, the traction force is provided by shear stress caused by the shear displacement of the track. Second, during working, the miner can inevitably experience compaction resistance, bulldozing resistance from soil, as well as hydrodynamic force from current and transient forces from the piping system attached to the miner. All of these influences should be taken into account for dynamic analysis of the miner.

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