A sampler of deep-sea microplankton with function of in situ concentrated sampling and gastight sampling is proposed and introduced in detail. In situ concentrated sampling technique is realized as follows, a microplankton membrane is used as filtration membrane, and a deep-sea pump is used to pump seawater. The microplankton will be captured and the density of microplankton will be increased when seawater flow through the filtration membrane. Gastight sampling technique is realized as follows, a precharged accumulator is used as pressure compensator. During the process of lifting the sampler, the accumulator will compensate the pressure drop continuously. Calculation results showed that the pressure compensation results is relates with the accumulator's volume and precharge pressure. Laboratory experiment results showed that with in situ flow through technique, in situ concentrated sampling can be realized and maximum concentration ratio was great than 500. With pressure compensation technique based on accumulator, gastight sampling can be realized. Deep-sea experiment results at 1 900m showed that the sampler can realize in situ concentrated sampling and gastight sampling.


Deep-sea microplankton is a kind of new deep-sea resource discovered lately. They live in deepsea of several thousands meters and can survive and multiply in conditions of strong acid or strong base, low temperature, high salt and high pressure (Li, 2004; Chen, 2004). Scientific research results show that deep-sea microplankton have many important characteristics. They can decompose petroleum, which can be applied in environment protection (Jiang, 2000). They has important role in deep-sea gas hydrate forming (Xiao, 1998). They may be the constructor of deep-sea manganese nodule and can abstract valent metal from manganese nodule and polymetallic nodule (Hu, 1999). Research of deep-sea microplankton can help us finding out the origin of earth being, discovering new gene and developing new medicine.

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