A novel solid ion selective electrode (ISE) for dissolved sulfur is produced and characterized. The potential signal is in linear relation with Log (S2-) in the range between 10–2 ∼10–7 (mol/L), with a slope of -27.7, R2=0.9966. A sensing device with this electrode was set at a microbial cluster near TICA-vent, 9°50'N EPR by Alvin's Dive 3961. Time-series records show that temperature fluctuates between 10 and 20.5°C, and that the peaks and valleys alternate periodically in about 12 hours, could be referred to tide influence. Total dissolved H2S varies from 7.4 to 27.3 μ mol/L, accordant with temperature.


Total dissolved sulphide (TDS) concentration is one of the major constrains on the local ecological environment for the microbial communities in the diffuse plume of seafloor hydrothermal system. Sulphide depletion possibly related to biological consumption was found around tubeworms (Bris, Sarradin and Caprais, 2003). On the other hand, some tubeworm species are vulnerable to high sulphide concentration, especially the toxic H2S (Urcuyo, Massoth, Julian and et al, 2003). Along East Pacific Ridge, temporal and spatial changes of H2S abundance in thermo-plume with magmatic and earthquake activities were reported (Seewald, Cruse and Saccocia, 2003), which might be responsible for the variation of microbial communities assemblage along EPR. Dissolved H2S and anion sulfur is one of the most important factors to understand natural environment and geological events (Huber and Stetter, 1998). Conventional technology for determining sulphide concentration in solution is based on collecting samples, bringing them to laboratory and analyzing by a proper method. It is very difficult to keep the samples from changing their properties before measuring, and in most cases monitoring the concentration continuously is needed. In these circumstances in situ sensors have great advantage over classical methods (Eroglu, Volkan and Ataman, 2000).

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