Tranquility inside the port is the main objective of port planning. This paper introduces our provisional case study for Cesme Marina, including wave generation, transformation, invasion and agitation. Ceşme Marina often suffers from wave agitation inside basin, especially in the afternoon during summer when it is most actively used. Regarding the wave agitation, two kinds of waves were analyzed, namely the invading waves from offshore and the wind waves generated in the basin, together with the effect of a planned breakwater.


The present study comprises tranquility analysis which should be hopefully applicable to all Turkish ports, However, the methodology of analysis must differ considerably to each other, ranging from large commercial ports to small marinas or fishing ports. (Çeşme Marina was selected as a case study., for tranquility analysis (Fig. 1) This study aims to identify the disturbance to vessels, yachts or boats and to evaluate the effect of countermeasures. Then. the following items should be estimated

  • prediction of deep water wave

  • transformation as shallow water wave

  • wave distribution inside the basin

  • generation of wind wave in the basin and

  • protectiveness of a breakwater.


In (Çeşme Marina, yacht owners often complain about the oscillation of their moored yachts by waves. This fact motivated us to analyze oscillation problems in (Çeşme Marina, considering scarce previous studies for a marina compared with ample studies for commercial ports. Tranquility is mainly disturbed by the oscillations by waves but occasionally by long- period oscillations, breathing winds and wind-driven currents. Besides waves, we can hardly find countermeasures against other causes.


We can expect considerable reliance on recent advanced simulations related to waves. However we have to predict waves with wind data. since there has been no wave observation.

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