This article, by use of "The computation method for the typhoon wind wave in shallow water regions affected by the coast", tried to hindcast typhoon waves which influenced the coastal areas of Shantou. Together with this process, criteria of wave pattern suggested by Thompson and formulations on energy concentration degree of different wave patterns provided by Goda were adopted to calculate the mixed waves of typhoon. Compared with the date in-situ observed, the calculated results were satisfactory. Based on the hindeasted typhoon waves of 44 years, the variations of wave heights, wave energy and principal direction during each typhoon process were obtained, and the distribution of wave energy along with direction at the moment of maximum wave heights was also hindeasted.


Design parameters for offshore engineering constuctions in the coastal areas under the influence of typhoon waves (ineluding tropical storm waves and severe tropical storm waves) are usually determined by typhoon waves. According to the technical specifications of harbor engineering in China, data in-situ measured in more than 15 years are requested for the selection of design parameters (Ministry of Communications, PRC,1988), although it is somewhat difficult for the situation of offshore engineering. Thus, some typhoon data are usually hindcasted based on the actual observation of typhoon in the past years. Therefore, in this situation, the reliability of design parameter, in addition to be related with statistics method for extreme values, is dependent on the intelligent selection of hindcasting method for typhoon waves, i.e. only satisfactory hindcasting method will result in reasonable design parameters.


Several methods for the hindcast of typhoon waves in coastal areas affected by the coast have been provided by scholars home and abroad, although illustration method prevails at present time (U. S. Army Corps. of Engineers, 1984; Guo, 1977).

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