The technological, ecological and technical-economical principles of the continental shelf deposit mining of solid mineral resources and also the main parameters of the project of marine dressing complexes are given in this paper. The advisability of implementation mining, dressing and transporting means in module variant is explained here. There are schemes of some ecologically good facilities of the experimental mining floating base of catamaran type for the extraction of mining mass on the basis of marine dredge according to the construction of MSGU, MI FED RAS, FESTU, PGA " Dalmorgeologia" in this report. The main technical and economical parameters of the technical task for the projecting of marine dressing complex of catamaran type are given here too.


Variety of natural factors, origin and geological construction, morphology and physical and mechanical characteristic of ore and enclosing rock, hydrology of the areas of occurence and lithodynamics of sea bed sedimentation, meteorological condition and geographical location (how far they are from large industrial centers) and level of ecological condition of the area of water where it is supposed to carry out works of underwater extraction of solid useful minerals- all that result in necessity to create technologies and technical means where all the above-mentioned and other important conditions are to be taken into consideration. Dealing with the problem of creation of sea mining complexes taking into consideration creation of dressing and processing equipment, it should be noted that for dressing metal-bearing sands of ore placers (tin, gold, ilmenite, titanium-magnetite etc.) it is necessary to mount on board of the floating base special dressing machines and apparatus, ensuring highly effective extraction of ore and production of concentrate only of certain metal.

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