The wave characteristics at Mitou coast, the pecular correlation of the waves among the places of the Mitou coast, the Tongi island and the Liuku island as well as the change of the wave energy spectrum at different season in Mitou coast was conduct in this study. From the result of analysis on wave energy spectrum, we can see the shape of the energy spectrum will changes by different ocean circumstances, seasons, wind field etc., the best wave energy spectrum model which suit in this study area was discovered. Meanwhile, by use the result of the above mentioned analysis, a wave-swell interaction and prediction model was applied in the Mitou coast, the results was encouraged.


Mitou coast locate at the south west coast of Taiwan (Fig.1). Due to the foundation along this coast have sunk yearly. It make the lowlying place of this coast area become easy to inundate by the sea water during the typhoon season especially when the storm surge was occurred. Therefore, develop a forecast and warning system of the storm surge to notice the people to pay attention even move away temporary to prevent the disaster by the assail of typhoon was necessary. CORRELATION OF WAVES AROUND MITOU COAST The wave data in this study area was come from the recorder which was installed by the China petroleum corporation at the sea off Shin-Da LNG harbour. This harbour locate at the place which just northern from Mitou coast. However, sometime the recorder was out of work and that make the wave data discontinuous. So the supplement of the wave data for the analysis which must to take from the neighboring wave station was need. One of the station named Tongi island which locate at the north west direction from Mitou coast about 70 kilometer.

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