A brief description of occurence of deposits on the shelf of the Far Eastern seas is adduced. The special attention is given to the occurence of coal layers on the shelf in the south of the Sea of Japan, provisional stocks of coal, being under sea bottom are given. New safe and economic technology of development of sea deposits without infringement to ecology of sea bottom is offered. The data of mathematical researches of parameters of technology of development of sea deposits depending on depth of the sea are adduced. An experimental site for realization of coal productions on new technology is recommended.


Deposits of titanium and magnetite and gold bearing sand, and also coal layers, stretching under bottom of the sea of developed deposits are occured on the shelf of rhe Far Eastern seas and, in particular, in the south of the Sea of Japan of Primorye Territory. The basic technological principle of development of the technological decisions in the projects of the mining marine enterprises, carrying out mining of sea deposits, should be strict observance of the ecological requirements, excluding negative influence of extraction on flora and fauna of areas of water. One of such technologies is mining with holes, providing preservation of bottom spaces at the expense of use of carrying capacity of interhole pillars. The basic design data of the given method, determining stability of underworking width are width of the chamber and Width of interchamber pillars.


Significant stocks of coal, ore and gravel useful mineral occure on the shelf of the Far Eastern seas. The most perspective for industrial development from among reconnoitered deposits are the provinces of titanium-magnetite sand, located near to the coast of Kamchatka, of the Kuril Islands, on western shelf of Tartar strait, gold bearing sands and coal layers in shelf zone in the South of Primorye Territory.

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