Analytical and numerical investigation is made of the source potential for Boating structure with forward speed in waves. A particular form is selected for numerical applications, where the double integral of Green function is transformed into single one and the oscillation characteristics for integrands in the certainly computation domain is changed into smoothly and rapidly decreasing. Comparison of calculated examples with published data is given and it shows that the numerical simulation is satisfactory with the engineering accuracy.


It is well known that the floating structure is moved with lower speed and under light sea state when the operation of the position change is carried out. In order to ensure the safety and the reliability it is necessary that the prediction of wave loads and motions encountered by floating structures in six degrees of freedom should be determined by using theoretical analysis and numerical simulation. The theory of potential flow and the numerical procedure of source distribution on body surface are applied to this computation in which all of mathematical models are limited in the field of linearizational problem both for incident wave and for wave-making on the free surface. The linearization velocity potential may be decomponented into double-model solution and free-surface problem with inviscid, incompressible, and non-rotational flow in which the former solution has been provided by Hess-Smith procedure (Hess and Smith, 1966) and the latter solution involving the effects of radiation wave excited by body motion, of incident wave, and of diffraction wave is determined by using a sum of solutions both for stationary and underway floating body m waves. The main parts of this computational procedure are mathematical treatment of the double integral with singularities and of the integrands With dreadful oscillation close to a special domain for Green function (Newman, 1987) in order to improve the numerical accuracy and to reduce CPU time.

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