During service life an ice-breaker hull plating suffers extensive wear due to corrosion affecting the outer surfaces of the Ice-breaker hull plating as well as due to hull-to-ice friction. Hull plating wear rate to a significant degree depends on the ice-breaker navigations in heavy ice conditions. Wear rate is also the result of ice-induced load intensity and operational frequency. To prevent an Ice-breaker hull plating wear due to hull-to-ice friction the ice-resistant coatings of INERTA-160 of PERMAX-type are used to protect the hull plating for a service period of two-three years. Moreover, the said coatings reduce hull-to-ice friction, which, in its turn, results in reducing of hull-to-ice resistance, fuel consumption decrease and ice-navigation speed increase. But at the same time the use of ice resistant coatings reveals such defficiencies as insufficient deformobility resulting in cracking of the hull plating coating. The said problem may be solved in the process of investigating and designing the adequate thickness of coating along side with use of outer hull flexible plating.


Hull plating wear rate (decrease in thickness), mm/year; Index of worn area (hull length); Index of worn area (hull breadth); Standard deviation, mm/year; Admissible deformation of hull plating coating under expansion; Deformation of hull plating surface in the process of bending and inter-framing expansion; Coefficient of variation; Arithmetic mean, mm/year; Residual thickness of coating; The worldwide practice experiences the use of clad steels having corrosion-proof outer surfaces for ice-breakers hull building. But, nevertheless, the ice-breaker hull plating made of corrosion proof clad steel is still being worn due to hull to- ice friction. During the last years the ice- resistant coatings are being widely used to coat the hulls of ice-breakers and ice-navigating vessels which to a certain degree prevents the hull plating corrosion and abrasive wear.

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