The designed and realized automatized complex for underwater hydrophysical researches is discussed. The mathematical model of movement of towed vehicle, synthesis of control system, their structural schemes, the basic functional schemes of completion and results of field tests are presented.


The hydrophysical researches are one of the directions of the program of ocean study. One of the aims this researches is study of physical fields and abnormal formations in sea-water. The abnormal formations are part of water volume where hydrophysical quantities distinguish from a background of naturally quantities (Equations are shown in the paper). Two methods of the solution are possible for this. In the first case all investigated water volume is looked over for begin. The final decision is obtained after postexperimental working of the results. However, many Situations exist when the investigations are carried out in real scale of the time. The automatized complexes are used for the carling out of experimental investigations of the hydrophysical fields. The underwater controlled towed vehicle is one of most effective. The basic functions of this vehicle are the transportation of hydrophys.cal pickups, fulfillment of the treatment of information, the forming of the trajectory of pickups movements, the study of abnormal formations characteristics. The basic problems when working out this complex are the following: the working out the construction of underwater towed controlled vehicle; mathemat.cal modeling of the movement of the vehicle and the study of its statical and dynamical characteristics from the point of view of effectiveness of hydrophysical researches; the synthesis and the technical realization of control system of vehicle movement; the forming of effective trajectories of the vehicle movement; the working out of systems of data collection and study of the information, transmission, findings on the tow-boat and other. The general conception of underwater vehicle can be seen in Fig. 1. (Fig.1 is shown in the paper)

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