Large-scale landslides of Sou-San areas have been recognized as a serious problem at Kaoshiung City in Taiwan. Susceptibility to sliding is determined by the geological structure of the slope, the lithology of the rocks, seasonal ground-water table fluctuations, earthquakes, excessive and intensive rainfall, and the geo-morphological development within this sliding area. In this study field investigations and laboratory examinations have been precisely conducted. It is expected that this study can provide an optimized techniques applied on the landslide control and stabilization for the Sou-San areas at Kaoshiung city in Taiwan.


The collapse of the hill at the elevation of 356 m within Sou-San sliding areas on Sept. 2, 1986, has been realized in this case study. The Sou-San area which is located at the Kaoshiung city in the South-western Taiwan "is one of the main regions for the hillside development. Factors affecting the Sou-San sliding areas are truly complicated. Various studies have shown that the most hazard landslide in these areas are human-related and associated weak geological structures. The great diversity of factors and complexity of inter-relationships as well as the practical relevance of Sou-San sliding areas can be recognized only by systematic and thorough studies. Therefore the most important approaches to prevent slopes from failure in these areas would perform intensive investigations and examinations of each characteristics affecting the slope movements through the processes of field and laboratory tests. METHODS AND PROCEDURES 1. Site Characterization: The study site occupies an area of total 1200 hectares. The 90% part of it is classified as hilly terrains and mountain slopes. It is approximately 5.5 kilometers long from north to south and has an maximum width of 2.5 kilometers in the east and west direction. One significant high range which is running from north to south is distinguished on the central part of the region.

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