This paper focuses on the preliminary time-domain analysis of a multi-mode Wave Energy Converter (WEC), the so-called TALOS WEC, by deploying two different computational tools. The device consists of an internal sphere attached to its floater with springs and dampers, and power is captured through the sphere's motions relatively to the floater. The equation of motion is formed based on the Cummins formulation using different calculation approaches for the convolution terms in the two tools. A comparative study, initially, is conducted assuming rigid connection of the sphere with the floater. Next, by enabling the sphere to oscillate in heave, as well as in both heave and surge, the device's performance for one and two operational modes is assessed.


Wave energy corresponds to a vast, clean source of ocean renewable energy. Its strategic-driven exploitation, as reflected in the EU's Offshore Energy Strategy with the 2030 deployment target of 1 GW for both wave and tidal energy (European Commission, 2020), can accelerate the decarbonization of Europe's power supply, advance the realization of a diverse energy supply and complement existing variable generation to balance grids (Collombet and Cagney, 2022). Accordingly, the wave energy sector during the last decades is rapidly growing and a variety of Wave Energy Converters (WECs) with different working principles have been investigated, developed and tested (Rusu and Onea, 2018; Guo and Ringwood, 2021). Among the existing WECs types, Point Absorbers (PAs) correspond nowadays to the most advanced and research-focused wave energy technology that usually harness wave power only through the heave or pitch oscillations of their floater (Guo et al., 2022). These WECs are characterized by design, manufacturing, deployment and operation simplicity; however, their single-mode operational feature leads to reduced energy extraction ability under off-resonance conditions and narrow power capture bandwidth (Huang et al., 2019).

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