Intelligent control technology is applied in various fields. As one of the common types of dredgers in the dredging field, cutter-suction dredgers also start to use intelligent control technology. It is significance to study the intelligent control strategy for cutter cutting process. In this paper, a test platform which can be used to simulate the cutterhead cutting rock was built. And the calculation model of the cutterhead construction power was established using the test platform. The influence of different factors on the cutterhead power and torque were analyzed. And a variety of intelligent control strategies for the cutter cutting rock process were studied. The test results show that the control strategy with constant ratio of cutter speed to torque has the lowest specific energy and higher digging efficiency.


Cutter suction dredger is widely used in offshore channel dredging engineering. The cutter suction dredger mainly excavates and cuts the seabed soil through the cutterhead. Rock excavation has higher requirements on the performance of the cutterhead than sediment dredging. And the determination of cutting force and the study of excavation effect in the process of cutting rock by the cutter teeth play an important role for the design of the cutterhead and dredging construction.

In the past, researchers have carried out a number of experimental studies (Rostamsowlat I, 2018 & Yasar S, Yilmaz A O, 2018) and numerical simulation studies (Dai Y et al. 2016 & Jerzy et al. 2011 & Okan S, Nuri A, 2011) for rock cutting, and summarized many cutting models (Evans I, 1984 & Nishimatsu Y, 1972 & Rutten T et al. 2019). However, at present, most of the studies only focus on linear cutting models of single cutter teeth, and the experimental studies on the cutting of the whole cutter head are relatively small. In the dredging project, multiple cutter teeth on the cutter head will affect each other during the operation, which is a very complex process (Jonak J, Podgorski J, 2001). At the same time, with the development of science and technology, intelligent control is applied to more and more fields. If the intelligent control strategy is added to the working process of the cutter, the construction efficiency would be greatly improved.

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