With the development of deepwater oil and gas field, deep-water drilling operation consumes a lot of conventional fossil energy and brings a lot of carbon emissions. The utilization of ocean new energy has become one alternative way to solve the energy shortage and reduce carbon emissions. Ocean thermal energy has attracted much attention because of its huge reserves, renewable and multi-purpose characteristics. Some innovative conceptual design schemes on integrated deep-water drilling and ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) are proposed: a deepwater drilling platform with OTEC based on the deepwater drilling riser auxiliary pipeline, a drilling platform with thermal energy conversion based on wellbore drilling fluid circulation, and an integrated device of seabed with thermal energy conversion and seabed drilling rig. The prospective and fundamental study on the innovative conceptual design of integrated deepwater drilling and thermal energy conversion is of great reference and value for deepwater drilling engineering development in the background of global effort for carbon neutrality.


The massive use of fossil energy has led to serious ecological pollution, and the use of clean alternative energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the energy structure is the future direction of energy use, which has received increasingly widespread attention. Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology converts solar energy stored in the thermal layers of the tropical and subtropical oceans. Thermal heat engines use the temperature difference between the sun-warmed surface water and cold water in the deep ocean. OTEC is essentially the same as conventional thermal power generation in that both use a work mass to output electricity based on a specific thermal cycle, but OTEC does not involve fuel consumption and any pollutant or greenhouse gas emissions, and can also provide fresh water and redistribute marine nutrients. In addition, the ocean, as a natural energy storage field, has a considerable volume and capacity, and coupled with the fact that the temperature gradient is almost constant and only seasonal variations occur, there are good prospects for the development and utilization of ocean thermal energy.

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