In this paper, several key technologies about optimization design for corrugated bulkhead of bulk carrier are studied based on prescriptive strength assessment of CSR rule. Firstly, a study on the optimization mathematical function is carried out. And a model is created with the objective function being the minimum nominal thickness of corrugation. Then calculation methods are studied about the loads for prescriptive strength assessment of corrugated Bulkhead of Bulk Carrier. The paper investigates definition of the upper surface of dry bulk cargo for cargo hold and the calculation method about the reference point for dynamic liquid pressure in heavy ballast hold. And then it summarizes some of their commonness and characteristics. By several actual calculations, the researchers find out some characteristics about the distribution of prescriptive strength assessment load of bulk carrier corrugated bulkhead. And then, methods about the application of corrugated bulkhead loads are explored. Three methods, which are extremum method, static block method and dynamic block method, are brought forward, and the method that load grads being calculated based on the requirement of lateral pressure is proposed. Comparison research is carried out, and the result proves that from the vision of weight-lightening design, the dynamic block method is the best. Finally, the paper investigates optimization calculation methods about the scantling of corrugation. The researchers create an optimization calculation process and method based on bending strength requirement. And several strategies applied in thickening of corrugation have been researched. Based on the comparison result, it has been proved that the best strategy is to thicken the lower corrugation end only.


Normally, corrugated bulkheads are adopted in cargo hold area of Bulk Carrier. Being a significant part of the whole structure design of Bulk Carrier, it is very necessary to carry out optimization design for corrugated bulkhead, with the objective of weight-lightening except strength-fulfilling.

In CSR rule, the requirements about corrugated bulkhead structure are quite complicated. Several calculations, such as lateral pressure requirement bending strength shear strength and buckling strength and so on, are needed to be carried out. Several load cases are needed to be considered and their correspondent loads to be calculated, and dynamic loads need to adopt equivalent design wave method(IACS,2020). Therefore, the optimization for corrugated bulkhead of Bulk Carrier needs a good and effective tool and method.

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