When the oil field development project is too close to the environmental sensitive target, specific safety protection and effective emergency measures have to be taken to prevent the oil spill. Among all the precautions, the containment boom tends to be one of the most effective methods.

According to this, a numerical analysis is conducted to see the feasibility and reliability of this method. A section of the containment boom is selected with the length of 100 meters between two piles. The containment boom is simplified as a cylinder structure with the diameter of 1.5 meters on the sea surface. The Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) method is adopted to establish the three-dimensional model and the turbulence model is introduced to simulate the movement and the hydrodynamic performance of the containment boom under the wave action. The extreme irregular wave are adopted with the return period of 1 and 10 years based on the JONSWAP spectrum. The wave load on the containment boom can be obtained from the simulation and be imported into the in-place analysis of the anchor pile by SACS. The analyses can determine the overall behavior of the piles and establish the maximum stress levels. Pile unity checks are performed on the piles in accordance to API RP 2A-WSD.

From the simulation, the serial peak values of the wave loads present random characteristics as the irregular wave changes. The maximum wave force exerted on the containment boom is about 509.3 KN under the action of the irregular waves with the Return Period of 1 year. Under the wave with the return period of 10 years, the serious wave impact on the containment boom violently. In this case, the wave force exerted on the containment boom is larger and larger and the maximum one increases to about 937.7 KN, which is 1.84 times than that from the 1-year condition. For the anchor pile, a one-third increase in allowable stress is permitted for 10-year condition. Results of the in-place strength analysis provided are within the allowable.

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