As the main equipment of offshore wind energy development, wind turbine has become one of the research hotspots. When the wind turbine is running, the dynamic response of the blades will directly affect the safety of the blade structure and its power generation efficiency. Due to various wave motions, the dynamic response of wind power generation platform is complex. In this paper, a dynamic boundary of the wind power platform was first designed and constructed. Secondly, through numerical calculation and model experiment, the dynamic response of the blade structure under various working conditions was studied, and the characteristic rule of blade vibration was obtained. Finally, some suggestions on the protection of blade structure were put forward, which would be of some reference value for the design and construction of offshore wind turbines in the future.


Since industrialization, the economies of various countries have developed rapidly and the populations have also been increasing. With the substantial increase in energy consumption, traditional energy resources are slowly depleting, which have been difficult to meet the needs of economic development in various countries (Panwar et al., 2011; Ellabban et al., 2014). In order to solve this problem, countries have turned their attention to the development and utilization of renewable energy, especially the wind power industry with relatively mature technology (Njiri et al., 2016; Barthelmie et al., 2010).

As a new green energy, wind energy has the advantages of abundant reserves, high utilization efficiency and high cleanliness (Islam et al., 2013). As the development of wind power industry on land and near coastal waters becoming saturated in recent years, countries have gradually turned to deep sea development. However, the development of wind turbines in the deep sea still needs to solve many problems (Vorpahl et al., 2013; Barthelmie et al., 2011). For example: 1) Resonance between the wave and the wind turbine is likely to cause fatigue damage and structural damage of the wind turbine. 2) The blades of wind turbine may vibrate under the combined action of wind, its own weight, waves and other factors. After a long period of operation, it will have problems such as deformation and cracking, which will eventually cause damage to the blades structure, thereby affecting the normal run of the wind turbine.

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