This work presents an analytical study of an offshore platform, based on the OC4 platform developed by the NREL, capable of supporting a 5 MW wind turbine capacity, the objective of this work is to find the optimal geometry for the adaptation of a wind turbine capacity of 8 MW for the Pacific coast of Mexico in the area of the Gulf of Tehuantepec. The holistic evaluation of the platform is described in this article. It involves two numerical analyzes. The first focuses on the geometry of the platform, in which the objective is to develop an algorithm that provides the initial dimensions of the platform, the second examines the static stability to check if the previously calculated dimensions manage to keep the platform floating in stable equilibrium during the operation of the turbine, complying with the criteria provided by DNV and IMO.


Energy is central to almost all of the great challenges and opportunities facing the world today.

It is vital to support new initiatives that ensure universal access to modern energy services that improve performance in energy and increase the use of renewable sources to create more sustainable and inclusive communities.

Wind energy is presented as one of the best alternatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global climate change and replace the use of fossil fuels in the generation of electricity. Currently, the growing use of large-scale wind technologies in several countries has caused various negative socio-environmental impacts of opposition from environmental groups and the protection of human rights.

This is the case of the installation of wind farms in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec where peasant and indigenous communities protest against said parks due to impacts such as social conflicts, risks of loss of productive capacity of agricultural land, landscape damage, death of birds and bats due to collisions with wind turbines, as well as the generation of noise and the degradation of ecosystems, among others.

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