The mechanics property of the bearing has important influence on the fatigue, vibration and noise of the underwater vehicle propulsion shafting system. The damping water lubricated stern bearing was recommended, and the corresponding simulation model of the damping stern bearing shafting system was set up with finite element method. The researched results shown that the deformation of the damping layer can reduce the stern bearing "edge effect" caused by the cantilever action of propeller gravity, which can change the distribution status of the contact pressure between shaft and bearing, lower peak contact pressure and restrain vibration.


Along with the development of large-scale underwater vehicle, the main engine power, propeller gravity and the component size of shafting are accordingly enhanced. Under the cantilever action of propeller gravity, the bending deformation of marine stern shaft is increased, which leads to the contact area between water lubricated stern bearing and stern shaft reduced, the pressure in the tail end of the bearing raised, and more serious "edge effect" brought about. It causes more uneven contact pressure distribution, poor lubrication, fluctuating friction coefficient, serious wear and vibration of the stern bearing, and affects both mute level and stealth of the vehicle. Therefore, the isolation vibration measures of the stern bearing has to be strengthened in order to improve the effect of vibration noise reduction. In this paper, the damping water lubricated stern bearing is studied, which adopts the rubber damping layer with both high elasticity and high damping characteristics to achieve the energy dissipation of bearing structure and the inhibition of the vibration between stern bearing and shaft, improve the pressure distribution state of the stern bearing, and realize the purpose of reducing vibration. At present, the damping layer is widely used in the vibration noise reduction of many equipment structure, and has obtained remarkable results, but the application of damping water lubricated bearing in underwater vehicle is rarely reported.

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