This study collected work data during installation of offshore structure using two crane barges considering the complex ocean environment. During the installation of the pipe as two scenarios, the ocean environment, the motion of the crane and the installation structure were measured. Buoy gathered wave, wind and current in the sea near the crane barge. The MRU(Motion Reference Unit) measured the heave, roll and pitch motion of the barge. The IMU(Inertia Measure Unit) measured roll, pitch, and yaw motion of the installation structure. In addition, video camera collected the rotation of the backstay, the rotation of the boom, and the length of the wire rope for check the scenario. The motion of the installation structure and the tension of the wire rope can be used for verification in the dynamic analysis software.


Offshore installation and dismantling of structures requires offshore cranes. It is important to secure safety for offshore work. For the cooperative operation of two offshore cranes, safety is more important because one crane can affect the other crane and the installation object. Therefore, for offshore operations, simulations or model tests are performed in advance to ensure safety. For model tests, there are many assumptions and constraints that may differ from the actual work.

However, based on a lot of experience, model tests are conducted to be similar to the real ones. In the case of simulation, how many theories are applied to the actual work and reliability of the analysis results must be secured.

In this study, installation real work data was collected for the purpose of verifying the analysis software that was conducted in the previous study (Bae et al., 2019). As for the analysis software, each analysis module verification was verified with a commercial program, and the analysis software was verified with two model tests. In order to perform verification of analysis software, crane control and ocean environment are required. Therefore, the backstay angle, boom angle, length of wire rope and ocean environment were measured.

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