In order to study the dynamic response characteristics of the trailing suction dredger under medium-long period wave conditions, the response characteristics of the trailing suction dredger under selfpropelled and non-self-propelled conditions in 12s period are calculated by using physical model tests and numerical simulation techniques. The results show that in non-self-propelled conditions, the ship's heave increases with the increase of wave, while under the same wave action, there is little difference in heave and sink under different ship draft conditions. However, when the ship is fully loaded, the motion response characteristics are smaller than when the ship is under ballast. In the self-propelled state, with the increase of wave height and period, the heave of the ship also increases, and the heave at the bow and stern position is larger than that at the middle position of the ship. The experimental results are compared with the numerical simulation results. On this basis, the adaptive characteristics of the ship under different conditions are given by numerical simulation method. Combined with the test results, in case of the influence of long-period waves, the cross waves can be avoided from crossing the construction ship as much as possible, and the construction along the waves or against the waves should be adopted, which has certain reference significance to the actual construction.


Long-period waves refer to waves that period between tides and swells. Unlike conventional waves, long-period waves have longer wavelengths, and although they have a limited wave height, they have a strong ability to penetrate. Medium and long period surges are characterized by both long wave energy and wind waves. The longperiod wave has a very high propagation speed and a relatively high energy, which can cause the ship to oscillate. In extreme cases, the hull may break. The long-period wave entering the harbor basin oscillates repeatedly, which will produce more destructive and difficult to reduce standing waves, which will bring great safety risks to the operating ships.

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