With the rapid development of ultra large container ships, the structural design of the lashing bridge is becoming more and more complicated. The reliability and light weight of the structure are becoming more and more important to the equipment manufacturers and ship owners. In this paper, on the basis of the typical lashing bridge design for a 21000TEU ultra large container ship, the strength, stiffness and mode of the lashing bridge structure are calculated by ANSYS. By studying the overall stress and deformation of the structure in case of the condition of the maximum design load under different floating state and packing condition, and the key position sampling analysis of the position of the force concentration is carried out. Compared with the calculation results of the natural frequency of the lashing bridge, combined with the data of the actual excitation source, the dangerous excitation frequency and the weak position of structure are also obtained. These analysis results are used to improve the structural design, and the structural optimization is instructed, the guidance suggestions are given for the analysis of the structure of the lashing bridge.


SWS 21000 TEU, an ultra large container ship of unlimited area designed and constructed by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., can operate in different regions of the world with the exception of intensified requirements of the ice region, diesel engine driven, single-engine paddle, bulbous bow, flat stern, living building and the wheelhouse are located in the front of the main deck, the engine room located in the rear of the main hull, the main hull is divided into 11 cargo holds. The main hull can be loaded with 24 rows of containers of different layers, each row of up to 21 arranged containers, stacking up to 12 layers; the main deck can also be arranged in 24 rows of containers, each row of up to arrange 23 rows of containers, stacking up to 11 layers stacked. Figure 1shows the appearance of a 21000TEU large container ship. The main dimensions of the 21000TEU container ship are shown in Table 1.

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