In the present paper, our in-house meshless solver MLParticle-SJTU, based on the improved MPS (moving particle semi-implicit) method, is employed to simulate the liquid sloshing in the tuned liquid damper (TLD). For the validation purpose, parameters from experiments in previous literature are adopted in first numerical simulation, the roll angle and wave shapes inside the TLD show agreement with the experimental data. Then, the influence of various external excitation on the damping characteristic of TLD has been studied through the changing of motion amplitude and frequency of a sliding mass. The numerical results indicate that the damping characteristic is more distinct when the excitation frequency falls near the natural frequency of the TLD system, and the flow in the TLD turns from traveling wave into the quasi-dam-break flow when the excitation amplitude increases from 50 mm to 200 mm.


In this paper, the sloshing phenomenon in a tuned liquid damper (TLD), which is mainly composed of rectangular tank with the freedom of roll motion, is numerically studied. In the ship engineering, the TLD is commonly employed as the anti-roll device to suppress the roll motion of ship operating in severe sea. Compared with active ship stabilizer, the TLD have advantages of simple structure, low cost and easy maintenance, so a lot of attention has been paid to both experimental (Vera et al., 2010) and numerical researches on the sloshing in TLD (Bulian et al., 2010).

The damping characteristic of TLD mainly depends on the sloshing in the tank and the properties of liquid in it. The physical behavior of sloshing flow in the partially filled TLD is similar to shallow water waves (Verhagen and Van, 1965), and shows high non-linear when violent sloshing occurs. Due to the phase lag between the roll motion and the wave movement, the roll motion of tank is damped by the moment induced by the impact loads of waves acting on inner wall of tank.

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