The opening of Arctic Passage makes the ice load relevant problems inevitable for ships in ice zone. Based on that reason, it is significant to carry out the research on the crashworthiness of ship structure under ship-ice collision load. According to the regulation of China Classification Society, the structure of ship in ice zone mainly includes transverse framing and longitudinal framing. In order to explore crashworthiness of different structure, finite element models of oil tanker and ice cube are established by software PATRAN. The situation in which shipside of midship collides with the corner of ice cube is simulated by using nonlinear finite element software DYTRAN. In the experiment, through ship of two different structure colliding with ice cube respectively, the paper comparatively studies the difference of the hull structural damage, contact force and energy absorption under the same impact of ice. Meanwhile, the different structural performance of transverse and longitudinal framing system are explored. On the basis of the small change of the hull weight, the crashworthiness of shipside structure can be improved by laying out the quantity of stiffener reasonably. The conclusion has important reference to choose the ship structure strengthening scheme, and also provides advice for design in improving crashworthiness of ship in ice zone.


As the development of oil and gas resources in high altitude waters as well as the opening of Arctic Passage, the problem of ship and ice collision has attracted more and more attention in the field of ship and ocean engineering. Ship and ice collision is a process accompanied by complex dynamic responses under great impact within short time. There are lots of nonlinear problems which make the study of ship and ice collision very complex and difficult. Nowadays, among all research methods, finite element numerical simulation is the most economical, convenient and accurate method. It can not only calculate the structural damage and contact force of collision area, but also simulate the collision phenomenon and implement virtual collision between the structures.

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