Global shipbuilding industries are going through the substantial change after the global financial crisis, then the Korean shipbuilding companies (mostly common carrier constructors) are being in dangerous situation. Current competitiveness of the global shipbuilding industry is moving to China based on the low labor cost.

Whereupon, Korean shipbuilding industry, with heavy industry as the central figure, are trying to rise the portion of the offshore plant construction for the purpose of resource development of deep sea. Meanwhile, the most outdated part of the offshore plant business of Korea is zoomed in on the development technology including FEED (Front End Engineering development) and deep water floaters comparing with the advanced companies of USA and Europe. This made the domestic government invest most of the R&D funds in product and equipment development field.

However, huge loss of mega shipbuilders such as Samsung, Hyundai and Daewoo is occurring at construction stages owing to the big delay of production processes while the development engineering are being supported by foreign engineering companies. These tremendous financial losses is thought to spring from absence of management capability with respect to the huge quantity and complex outfitting works of topside structure.

In this paper, we are going to investigate the strategy for the advancement of the production management fit for offshore plant business. Then, robust and sustainable technical roadmap is going to be described based on current IT technologies and simulation based management methods.

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