The objective of this study is to investigate the wind characteristics of Typhoon Fung-Wong occurred in Taiwan during September 19 to 22, 2014. During the period, the floating LiDAR was setup in the western offshore region of Taiwan. The results include the time series of mean wind speed, gust, wind direction, and turbulence intensity. Also, wind speed and direction profiles, and wind rose are compared during the typhoon event with before and after the event. The results show the wind speed and direction have a significant change during the typhoon event. Meanwhile, comparison of mean wind speeds between WAsP and floating LiDAR, and regression analysis at Waipu Tidal Station were investigated. Furthermore, the computational energy production and mean wind speed of WindPRO were compared with a nearby inland wind farm called Zhubei. From all the investigations and comparisons, it shows the high accuracy and reliability of AXYS WindSentinel™ to measure the wind resource in the inland and nearshore regions.

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