A wind-wave-current coupling testing method was proposed to predict the dynamic responses of bridge structure under wind-wave-current actions based on the similarity law including geometry, Froude number, Cauchy number, Strouhal number and damping ratio. The physical simulation systems were designed to simulate the properties of natural wind-wave-current field, which composed of boundary layer wind tunnel system, turbulence generating device, wave flume system, current maker system and measuring instruments. The dynamical characteristics of bridge structures system were necessary to be modeled by physical scaled-model with core frame, a set of segmental coats, mass-compensating lumps and damping equipments. Based on the dynamic response experiments of flexible bridge tower under wind-wave action, it is found that the wave-induced vibration with large amplitude will occur while the wave period is close to the natural period of bridge tower, and the horizontal drag forces excited by wind-wave coupling field are greater than that of the superimposition of wave-only and wind-only in some conditions.

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