In this paper, the experimental and numerical investigation on extreme wave propagation and run-up of brine solution in the Dead Sea, Israel and fresh water has been carried out. The density and viscosity of the brine solution at 20°C are 1230 kg/m3 and 3.5x10−3 kg/ms, respectively, whereas, the density of water is 1000 kg/m3 and viscosity at 20°C is 1x10−3 kg/ms. Hence, the applicability of the run-up formulae for this condition at Dead Sea, Israel is unclear. The experiments presented here were carried out at Franzius Institute, Lebniz University of Hannover. Numerical analysis is performed in ANSYS CFX by coupling with FNPT (fully nonlinear potential flow theory). The tests are carried out for regular waves, solitary waves, focused waves and N-waves. In this paper, we will report the extreme wave propagation and run-up for the solitary and focused waves and investigates its variation with respect to change in density and viscosity.

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