In this study, we report the numerical simulations of wave height, water level and flow variations between dual permeable submerged breakwaters and the slope seawall. The RANS equations associated with RNG turbulent model was applied for the numerical simulations with CFD. The volume of fluid method was employed to track the free surface. Dual offshore detached submerged breakwaters with a gap are configured in this study. The simulated results showed that the set-up of water level occurred behind submerged breakwaters, which induces obvious circulations of depth-averaged mean flow between submerged breakwaters and seawall. On the other hand, due to the wave reflection from the effect of seawall, the spatial periodic variations of wave height and mean water level behind the submerged breakwater was found on the on-offshore direction. The influence of the submerged breakwaters on the wave run-up height on the seawall was also reported in this study.

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