To solve the controversy of the responsibility in ship-ship collision, a ship-ship collision model was established on the basis of the collision accident of the "Xin Haixin 818" and " Guibei fishing 58013", then using the nonlinear dynamic analysis software AUTODYN to display finite element simulation. In the ship-ship collision simulation, according to the damage extent of the two ships, "Guibei fishing 58013" is regarded as a rigid body in which the overall deformation is smaller, while the larger deformation of "Xin Haixin 818" is a deformable structure. By setting ship motion parameters on multiple conditions, and choosing a reasonable time steps, the intrusion - yield - destruction process of the hull collision region is restored. The comparison of the calculations and the accident scene investigation of the crevasse shape and invasion depth reveal that the model prediction is in good agreement. The quantitative reproduction method of modeling the collision damage process allows maritime authorities to judge collision conditions, and provides a new reference for the maritime ascertaining accident responsibility.

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