This paper presents the implementation of overset grid capability into the open source toolbox, OpenFOAM, and a validation case for steady viscous flows of a benchmark ship DTMB 5512 by the overset grid technique with URANS methods. The procedure of the overset implementation is discussed in this paper, including the basic procedure and parallelization. Examples of how to use the overset library developed to modify OpenFOAM solvers with overset capability are introduced. In order to validate the overset code in OpenFOAM, static computations of the DTMB 5512 are carried out. Two Froude numbers (Fr=0.28 and 0.41) are considered. The computational results including resistance, free surface and wave profile on the hull surface are compared with experimental data. Good agreements are achieved and the results indicate the overset ability of the code. It also confirms that the code can be used for primary ship hydrodynamic problems.

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