In this study, a steel modular tower and a multi-column tower proposed by RIST (Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology) in Korea were subjected to wind tunnel test and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) simulation; the steel modular tower has an octagonal cross-section for easy transportation in the phase of construction. For mitigating wind load for a tower, the steel multi-column tower consists of four columns with smaller cross-sectional area relative to the main column; they are mounted on top of a conventional circular type main column. Through wind tunnel test and CFD simulation, their mean wind force and moment coefficients, quantities representing the resistance of an object in air, were obtained. The wind tunnel test and CFD simulation were carried out by Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology in Korea. Their results are compared to each other to verify the reliability of calculated mean wind force coefficient, a coefficient representing the resistance of an object in air or water, depending on Reynolds number.

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