In this paper, a high-speed displacement vessel is proposed and the effects of bowshapes on hydrodynamics are studied. Ten types of hull forms based on the NPL 4b are created and their seakeeping and resistance performances are investigated and discussed. Since ships are commonly slender body, a seakeeping calculating code based on the STF strip method, which could give reasonable trend predictions, is developed. In the following calculations, four hull types are selected for further study: the original one (‘A-C NPL’), the bare vertical bow one (‘B-B a’), the AXE one (‘B-B b’) and the wave piercing one (‘C-A’). The calm water wave resistance performances of all hulls are calculated in both deep waters and restricted waters by adopting a code based on potential theory. Moreover, a more accurate code considering water viscosity is employed to compute the responses of different types of hulls in waves. Finally, the simulation results and the accuracy of the potential theory code and CFD code are analyzed.

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