The Kuakata beach, located at northern part of Bay of Bengal and at southwest of Bangladesh, lies between latitude N21°48'05" to N21°51'36" and longitude E90°05'06" to E90°15'07". It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations and perfect place for holidaymakers and sun-seekers, because both the sunrise and sunset in the sea are visible from this place. It is the second most famous beach in the country located some 320 kilometers from the city of Dhaka, the capital city. From the present study it has been found that the western part of Kuakata beach is exposed to continuous erosion due to wave actions and storm surges. The study finds the shore line shifting of Kuakata beach during the period of 1973 to 2010 by satellite image analysis. To protect the central 5 km reach of eroded beach this study also investigates the design aspects of artificial beach nourishment. The half-life of the designed nourished beach has been found as 3.52 years assuming a rectangle nourished beach profile and the nourishment factor is estimated as 0.87.

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