The present work presents the effect of bamboo piles and geotextile bag structures on coastal erosion prevention. Simulations were performed to evaluate the wave transmission ratio and the erosion prevention effectiveness of the bamboo piles and geotextile bag using the numerical model of Ca, V. T. (2007), which has shown adequate accuracy in Yamamoto et al.'s (2012). The study is the application of an advanced numerical model called Nearshore Wave Dynamics and Bottom Topography Change Simulation System (NWBSS), which is based on Boussinesq approximation equations for near-shore wave transformation and the continuity equation with a Crank-Nicholson scheme and Volume Of Fluid (VOF) technique. The numerical results of the prevention effectiveness in the case of the 43.75m wide bamboo pile wall are almost identical to those of the geotextile bag.

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