A wave basin experiment is carried out to investigate the interaction between multi-directional irregular waves with a large vertical bottom-mounted cylinder. In the experiment, the ratios of the significant wave height and water depth (H1/3/d) are 0.08, 0.12 and 0.16, the relative size between cylinder and wavelength (ka) varies from 0.44 to 1.26. In this paper, the wave run-up on the cylinder is presented. The experimental results show that the directional spreading parameter has significant effects on the wave run-up on cylinder. The maximum value of the wave run-up increases with the directional spreading concentration parameter increasing. The minimum value of the wave run-up also depends on the directional spreading parameter. For smaller directional spreading parameter, it is at 180° or 135°. At different position of the cylinder, the effect of the wave directionality on the wave run-up is different. The results could provide an important basis for the design of appropriate engineering and be regard as a reference for numerical verification.

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