In this study, a 3D integrated model is developed to calculate wave induced seabed response around pile-group foundations. It includes a new three-dimensional seabed mode WINBED with three different types of formulations (fully dynamic, partly dynamic and quasi-static) based on the poro-elastic theory and a Boussinesq wave mode. Firstly, the governing equations of the integrated model are introduced. Then, the integrated model will be verified with previous works. It is found that Boussinesq wave mode is able to provide accurate boundary conditions (e.g., wave pressure at the seabed surface) for the seabed mode. Based on the present model, parametric studies are carried out to investigate the influence of soil properties on wave-induced pore pressure in the vicinity of pile-group foundations. The numerical results indicate that the wave-induced pore pressure rapidly decreases with an increasing seabed depth, and the maximum pore pressure around pile-group foundations decreases as the soil permeability and degree of saturation decrease.

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