In this paper, a floating tsunami shelter with mooring has been proposed and developed. The shelter is capable of accommodating at least three hundred people to evacuate from run-up tsunami. The tsunami shelter located on the land near coast is a floating type with mooring. The floating tsunami shelter can be lifted by buoyancy when tsunami strikes on it. The shelter plays an important role as emergency medical center and temporary accommodation during a tsunami emergency. On the other hand, usually, the shelter is located on the land and it is can be widely used as a community hall and a storage space for processed marine products and disaster prevention goods. To investigate fluid force on the floating tsunami shelter, impact pressure and its motions such as heave, surge and pitch due to a run-up tsunami, some experiments were conducted and five tsunami shelters with different configurations was examined under several conditions of run-up tsunami. The floating tsunami shelter, the type AF and the type B can reduce the tsunami force comparing with the fixed type A. The shape of both types and the floating technique with mooring can avoid the tsunami force and strongly flow due to tsunami wave.

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