Controllable pitch propeller, CPP, is added to the experimental methodology for self-propulsion model test in waves with the MDES: Marine Diesel Engine Simulator. MDES is a real-time control system of propeller rotating speed reflecting the characteristics of marine diesel engine. The authors (Tanizawa, Kitagawa, Takimoto and Tsukada, 2012) introduced MDES, presented the model test results in waves and proposed the new experimental methodology to measure ship performance in waves. Using this methodology, we can measure not only ship motion responses but also the realistic dynamic responses of ship propulsion system in waves such as propeller load, rotating speed fluctuation and fuel supply rate of main engine and et cetera.

As one of the additional functions of the methodology, the authors developed a model of controllable pitch propeller, CPP. This model CPP is driven by MDES and the transient response of engine to the variation of pitch angle can be reproduced. Using this model CPP and MDES, the authors conducted self-propulsion model test in waves at Actual Sea Model Basin of NMRI.

This paper introduces the outline of the model CPP and result of the experiment.

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