In this study, the performance of the sea water cooling system was analyzed by comparatively testing its cooling performance against that of the following methods using diverse sea water heat sources and the existing deep sea water intake systems of the Deep Sea Water Research Center: direct cooling with deep sea water, heat pump cooling with surface sea water and ground sea water, and the existing cooling system. The temperatures of the deep sea water, ground sea water, and surface sea water were approximately 5°C, 13°C, and 20°C, respectively, which indicate that they were excellent heat sources for sea water cooling. The tCO2 values in the direct cooling, the surface water and ground sea water heat pump cooling after the direct heat exchange of deep water, and the 100% surface water and ground sea water heat pump cooling were approximately 83.6%, 25.6%, 37.3%, 17.1%, and 28.7% lower, respectively, than that in the existing cooling system.

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