The goal of this study was to optimize the design of motion reduction structures for a floating pendulum-type wave energy converter (WEC) used to harness energy from the ocean. The purpose of these structures was to improve the performance of the WEC by reducing its motion under operating wave conditions and by helping the device absorb wave energy efficiently. Moreover, the motion reduction structures cause wave motion that protects the WEC against direct excitation of wave loads under extreme wave conditions. In this study, motion reduction structures were installed on a floating pendulum WEC that has been the subject of previous studies. The effects of the structures were then analyzed under different incident wave conditions. The design parameters for the motion reduction structures were size, shape, and installed position. The wave-induced motion characteristics and performance of the floating pendulum WEC were investigated numerically. Based on the simulation results, we were able to optimize the motion reduction structure design of the WEC, thus improving its efficiency and durability.

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