An IT solution is the cutting edge technology in shipbuilding industry today. Many shipbuilders have implemented the virtual ship design concepts using 3D CAD system. It will be remarkable if the prospect ship quotation can be estimated using this virtually designed ship. Accurate quotation is very crucial milestone of the shipyards to succeed commercially. This paper describes a methodology that can be adopted to retrieve all necessary realistic data needed to estimate the realistic quotation of manufacturing a ship. The research will also open the doors for future research activities such as complete-automation for quotation, realistic manufacturing scheduler and inventory management of shipbuilding based on the virtual ship.


Shipyards use various methodologies to estimate the prospect ship quotation. Based on the discussions with various shipyards in Japan, authors realized that some shipyards estimates the quotation based on references to the drawings used in most closure designed ship going through all the design steps from basic design to the production design. Some of the shipyards estimate the quotation based on their Mid-Ship design by comparing the results with past experience ships data recorded. Authors introduce a virtual ship concept using an existing 3D application with an add on customizing tool in this application. The proven concept will help to retrieve the complete ship information's needed to estimate the shipbuilding quotation. Authors have selected the major factors of quotation as described in "RESEARCH SCOPE" section. Customization of the application for recording man-hour data that is needed to manufacture a complete prospect ship is studied. All other factors are used from the original 3D CAD system functions with a minor customization. The research will prove that there are different kinds of fluctuations in estimation of a ship for any kind of design change occurs during manufacturing time. Fluctuations are studied based on the change in length of the hold and number of parts.

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