In the present work, an integrated numerical model for the optimization of harbour layout design is presented. The wave transformation model HMAR_HARBOURL (HYDROMARE_HARBOUR Linear) is based on the hyperbolic type mild slope equation and is valid for a compound wave field near coastal structures where the waves are subjected to the combined effects of shoaling, refraction, diffraction, reflection (total and partial) and breaking. To validate the model, computed results are compared with experimental measurements. Numerical simulations of wave conditions inside real-life projects are also performed.


The design of harbour layout involves the detailed analysis of wave climate in the harbour basins, which is a rather demanding task that has to be carried out effectively. A wide spread approach is to conduct physical model studies, especially when a high-cost project is considered. However, physical model studies are time-consuming and cumbersome when many alternative layout configurations have to be examined. Moreover, scale effects have to be considered as far as the reliability of the experimental results is concerned. Simulation of harbour wave conditions with numerical models presents an efficient and economic alternative method that has been given more attention in the last few decades. Numerical models based on the elliptic form of the mild slope equation have been extensively used in the past to simulate wave agitation in harbours. At early stages, these models incorporated the assumptions of uniform constant depth outside the computational area and of collinear exterior coastlines that are fully reflecting. However, these open boundary assumptions are generally not met in practice and particularly the effect of exterior depth variations can lead to unreliable simulations. Following Xu et al. (1996), Panchang et al. (2000) improved the accuracy of the numerical results by introducing new techniques to address these limitations.

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