Ship motions with water impact have been extensively devoted to solve toward viable solution by using a lot of techniques. This study deals with a design tool using CFD and criteria for a ship structure with elasticity under impact pressure loads due to slamming, green water and sloshing in waves. In this study, our numerical model which combines an Eulerian scheme with Lagrangian particles has been enhanced directly for predicting nonlinear hydroelastic and hydrodynamic effects on a floating body in waves. The proposed model can treat and solve simultaneously both nonlinear fluid and floating body motions with elasticity. Firstly, the enhanced numerical model was performed on a water entry problem of a rectangular body with elasticity to verify accuracy and usefulness of our numerical model. The computed strain and stress caused by nonlinear hydroelastic during water entry process were in good agreement with experimental results. Next, the proposed model has been applied to hydroelastic response caused by ship slamming in waves.


A ship as massive sea transportation is not really a rigid body. When hydrodynamic loads due to slamming occur on a time scale of important structural periods, hydroelasticity should be considered. This is reasonable that it can suffer impact pressure and vibration influencing ship performance, ship structure and passenger comfort caused by strongly interaction wave-ship. Therefore, wave induced hydrodynamic and hydroelastic response on a ship body has to be important consideration and requirement in a ship design to guarantee a ship navigation at sea. The effect of flow separation for axisymetric impact was also investigated by Zhao and Faltinsen (1998). However, all numerical investigations presented that the fluid has irrotational and inviscid flow and these cannot adequately handle flow with water impact involving plugging waves and air bubbles.

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