For the implementation of sustainable land development, strengthening ocean, coastal areas resource conservation and management of land use, "The Draft of National Land Planning Act" and "The Draft of Coastal Act" were performed by Construction and Planning Agency in Taiwan. The utilization and management of land extend the management range to the territorial sea and coastal areas. According to the comprehensive review of Regional Planning, before the law does not complete the legislative process, the regional planning includes the ocean and the coast areas within the scope of Regional Planning. This study extends previous research by Construction and Planning Agency projects. According to the proposed definition of ocean range, this study first collects the practice case of marine planning in each ocean state to analyze the advantages. Second, based on the different offshore distance and water depth, ocean use management content and process of sub stage-zoning can be proposed by assessing frequency, density and other conditions of the tidal range, coastal areas, internal waters and territorial sea. Finally, this study proposes the practice for planning and management regime in ocean areas. It is an important reference for proceeding planning and management of ocean areas in the future.


This study is based on marine existing use, development and utilization, and collecting marine environment database in Taiwan. According to the related marine affairs organization provided data, the analysis and statistics were discussed. The investigation and collection database involve into six kinds including port shipping, fishery resources, tourism and ecological conservation, mineral resources, military defense, other kinds, etc. Through calculating the accuracy areas by Geographic Information System (GIS), each kind of marine-use situation can be understood clearly. It can provide the results corresponding to the designated simulation of marine zoning for reference in the future.

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