The bucket foundation platform is a new foundation pattern in ocean engineering, and will take the place of the traditional pile foundations. There are very good economic benefits in the manufacture, installation, removal, and other aspects. Until now, many bucket foundation platforms with a single pillar have been deployed in Bohai bay. But the structural ice-resistant performances have not been well developed, because most of the research is focus on failure analysis and reaction force of the bucket foundation. In this paper, combined with the field monitored data of some bucket foundation platforms in Bohai bay, iceinduced vibrations are analyzed. The results show that even though these structures may effectively resist extreme static ice forces, the iceinduced acceleration is more significant than the jacket platforms. Then spectral-based method is provided to analyze the fatigue life of a real bucket foundation platform, according to the results, the fatigue life of the key joint can meet the requirement. Finally, the ice-resistant strategy is presented, which provides a basis for the design of these platforms in ice zone.


The cost of construction for the offshore platforms in the oil field development occupies an important proportion to the total investment of the oil production in Bohai Sea. The Gravity Based Structure and piled jacket platform are widely used currently. But the two kinds of platforms are so expensive that they account for large proportion of the total investment. Taking the steel jacket structure for example, the steel of the piles is as much as the jacket structures'. Nowadays, the bucket foundation platform is known as a new style foundation of platform, which is paid more attention for it's peculiarity such as low weight, easy installation and repeat use, and other aspects.

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